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Croyde surf

22/02/2012 by holidaysincroyde

Accommodation for surfers staying in Croyde

longboard surfing croyde


Croyde has been a hot spot for surfers for many years. The beach sits within a natural bay which produces good waves for surfing. The influence of the Gulf Stream creates a Maritime Climate which creates cooler summers, milder winters and a warmer sea, all ideal for surfing.

Road improvements and development has seen Croyde grow over the last 20 years into one of the most popular surfing destinations in the UK. Complete beginners surf alongside UK national champions all year round, with Christmas day being no exception!

When the conditions are right, waves in Croyde bay can reach 7ft high which attracts the more experienced surfers. Most of the time the waves will be a less intimidating 2-3ft which is ideal for beginners and intermediaries. The more experienced surfers may also venture further as the whole North Devon coast offers a variety of surfing conditions. Complete beginners may opt for neighbouring beach Saunton Sands, where the wide coastline creates smaller waves of 1-2ft.

Croyde and Saunton have an array of shops and businesses that cater for surfers with equipment hire and sales. There are also surf schools where you can join in a group lesson, or choose one-on-one tuition if you prefer a crash course. Complementing the surfing equipment shops are surf lifestyle shops selling surf and beach inspired clothing, jewellery and household items. Croyde also offers surfers pubs and cafes.


Pink shop surf hire Croyde


Many of our guests at Holidays in Croyde are surfers or families looking to surf for fun on their holiday, so we have catered for this by making our properties ‘surfer friendly’ adding surfboard and wet-suit storage areas and outside taps to wash away the sand. Most properties have patios or decked areas where you can relax and dry off after a hard day’s surfing.

From September to May we specialise in short and weekend breaks and can accommodate groups of up to 18 people, so if you have a large family or are a large group of friends wanting to learn to surf, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Surfing in Croyde and North Devon

Croyde Bay is renowned as being one of the best beaches for surfing in the UK. It regularly holds national surf competitions and hosts events such as the Gold Coast Ocean fest.  

The waves at Croyde can be as good as anywhere in the world and regularly attract travelling surfers from all over the world, from such countries as Australia, South Africa and America.

Surf Lifeguards at Croyde

It is not just the waves which break on Croyde beach that make this location as special as it is. Five minutes south of Croyde is Saunton Sands. Saunton is well known for its long and slowly breaking waves which make it ideal for long boarders. The B.L.U (British long board union) hold their last event of the year at Saunton.

Directly to the north of Croyde lies the beautiful Putsborough Sands. Putsborough is sheltered from the persistent south westerly winds, provides good clean waves when everywhere else is blown out.

surfing at Croyde

At the north end of the bay from Putsborough nestled into the hillside is Woolacombe. Woolacombe produces waves for all abilities through all stages of the tide making it popular with all types of wave riding craft from surfers through to kayakers.

All these surfing opportunities ensure that Croyde and its fantastic location make it the premier surfing venue on the north coast of Devon and Cornwall.

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